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Ahem, Now Where Was I?

I have had a lovely day.  Hubby had to work this morning, cheerfully came home and had lunch with The Kiddo and me. After, he was glued to College Basketball and happy, happy, happy!  The Middle Boy  spent the day with friends in the city. The Youngest had to work this morning but had a College Basketball watching dinner date with some co-workers. His Brackets for the Family NCAA Basketball Pool  had no further damage and he was *pumped*. I, well, I had QUIET for the morning and it was wonderful. I could also make what I wanted for dinner for The Kiddo and Hubby and I since TMB and TY wouldn’t be home until later….I made stuffed pork chops and baked apples and steamed asparagus with lemon butter YUM! And it was heaven too!

Have mentioned everyone is here, back at Ye Ol’ Family Hacienda, and the Empty Nest has filled back up again?  The only good thing about that is, at least they are not married and  towed their spouses and/or kids back into the Nest with them so we would truly be squeezed tight.  They have been able to fit back in their childhood bedrooms, for the most part. But the finished basement is a disaster with the rest of their crap strewn around the parameters in plastic storage boxes and any hope for the basement Rec Room pullout sofa to again host someone for the night is not happenin’ anytime soon.

There have been adjustments on both sides.  Since everyone works, even The Kiddo, we have had to agree on some sort of schedule for laundry (NO, you CAN’T use the washer and dryer when we are having guests for Christmas because you’re not back in college and need to do 12 loads before you go back to school and you do have access every evening), The Kiddo’s respite (like babysitting but for adults) coverage so we don’t have to pay for it if we don’t need it and HAVE it available when we DO need it and meals, there are always issues with meals.

Food is  a huge deal. Over a month ago, I wrote a blog about The Autism Diet Wars and that war is often still going on in the middle of my own kitchen. There is The Kiddo’s Migraine Diet and we ALL cheerful adhere to it. But The Middle Boy has his own strange ideas about food (I blame the Food Network) and have I mentioned The Youngest has decided to keep Kosher AND WE’RE NOT JEWISH??????? Hubby has decided he doesn’t want to eat a lot of vegetable matter (don’t make me spell it out) so trying to make meals everyone (or most) can and will eat is causing me to lose my temper more often than I used to.  I always loved to cook but now am hating it.

One of our solutions over this food thing has been to require The Middle Boy and The Youngest to shop for, prepare and clean up one meal a week. The only stipulation is…whatever they make has to take into account everyone’s diet restrictions……not as easy as it sounds. For the most part, it’s been a success but there was an evening when I was stuck cleaning up a stove coated with oil and the perpetrator was NO WHERE TO BE FOUND. Believe me, that was a One-fer…if you’re gonna fry, you’re gonna clean up or the kitchen privileges are gone and so are the understanding accommodations for your food peccadilloes.  Gone. Poof. That was made clear and now Mama has her Kitchen Crew Deputies with their rubber gloves and souring pads ready and willing and able to Take Care of Business.  If only they were that willing as teenagers!

I love my Boys. And I (sometimes) enjoy cooking for them. But I LOVED MY PORK CHOPS!


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Your Autism Cuppa is written by a longtime Autism Mom. A former Autism Society of America local chapter president, she is an educator and artist and has done inclusion consulting work for over 20 years. Married for 36 years to the father of her Three Sons, the eldest having autism, she wants young parents to know they are not alone. Life can be fun!

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