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I threw my back out last Tuesday.  I have a wonky back and if I make a mistake and turn *Just* *Right* I am out of commission for a few days. That’s what happened Tuesday…I was filing some paperwork for my upcoming classes in big, plastic file boxes and I screwed myself Big Time.

Thank God I don’t start teaching until January 20 or I would have been in much more trouble.  As it was, I crawled up the stairs on Tuesday evening, sobbing, and asking Hubby to root around our medicine cabinet for my Drugs…steroids and muscle relaxants…so I could start the process of trying to get back to normal.

I spent Wednesday in bed, drugged, and craving the last of the Christmas cookies.  The Kids…all of them…took over.  The Youngest made dinner. The Middle Boy got things for me (the above mentioned Christmas cookies) and then *encouraged* Our Kiddo to stack the file boxes which began this Whole Lousy Rodeo of me being in bed. They rallied and I was proud of them, while I was conscious, for helping out with the house and with Kiddo.  It helps The Youngest goes back to work when I do later this month and The Middle Boy is half time for a few weeks, but still!

They hate it when I am sick because they don’t realize, until I can’t do them, how much I do. I have backtracked (pun intended) today, pain-wise, because we took down our Christmas tree and couldn’t HELP myself with lifting something I should not have.  Soooooo, it’s take out Chinese tonight with me taking a hot bath IMMEDIATELY after and then to bed. And more drugs.




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Your Autism Cuppa is written by a longtime Autism Mom. A former Autism Society of America local chapter president, she is an educator and artist and has done inclusion consulting work for over 20 years. Married for 36 years to the father of her Three Sons, the eldest having autism, she wants young parents to know they are not alone. Life can be fun!

3 thoughts on “OUCH!”

  1. Oh my gosh I feel for you. I have bulging disks and can totally sympathize with back pain! I have been fortunate however as I have discovered inversion therapy works wonders for it. I can now lift and carry our Morgi, who is nearly 5 now. I hope that you can find a similar miracle 🙂


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